Relevant Teaching Experience


Education 231: Drugs and Alcohol

Education 290: Educational Psychology

Education 291: Standards and Technology

Education 298: ID - Theater Education in Cyprus


Education 330: Principles of Education

Education 367: Methods of Theater

Education 372: Counseling and Communication

Education 374: Reading in Content Area

Education 375: Differentiated Instruction

Education 378: Multicultural Education in Hawaii

Education 381: Senior Seminar

Education 382: Human Relations

Education 385: Issues in Education

Education 389: Student Teaching


Student Teaching:

Central High School, St. Paul, Minnesota - Beginning Acting, Intermediate and Advanced Acting, Assistant Director for school's production of "Guys and Dolls"

September 2015 - December 2015


Teaching Assistant:

Kamehameha Middle School, Honolulu, Hawaii - Hula and Chant class, January 2016

Kalani High School, Honolulu, Hawaii - Choir class, January 2016

Battle Creek Elementary, St. Paul, Minnesota - Art Department, Spring 2015

Bridgewater Elementary, Northfield, Minnesota - Reading and Writing, Spring 2015

Northfield Middle School, Northfield, Minnesota, English Department, Fall 2014

The English School, Nicosia, Cyprus - Music Department, January 2014

St. Dominic's Elementary School, Northfield, Minnesota - Art Department, Fall 2013




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