Anastasia is currently in the midst of writing her own play, called "Lost in Translation"; a story about a couple and their relationship struggles in New York City. An excerpt of her play was performed and picked as a finalist in Team Theatre's FunFastFebFest, a short play festival, in February 2020. 

Anastasia is also teaching Drama at The English School Nicosia, in Cyprus: a school very dear and familiar to her. She is the director of the Junior Drama Club and assisting in the Senior Drama Club: Devised 1-Act Festival. She plans to introduce Drama into the school's morning curriculum in the fall of 2021. 

Throughout the past year, Anastasia was fortunate enough to have worked on professional theater with many fellow artists and classmates in the USA. A few of her favorites were Ioanna Katsarou, through the Greek Tragedy Workshop at the Greek Cultural Center, and directors Gwendolyn Snow and Adam Martin, who personally cast Anastasia in "Almost, Main", "The Play of the Future" and "The Sun Tries Dating", all produced by Team Theatre, the Greek Cultural Center and the Manhattan Repertory respectively. 

She strives to continue her acting work as well as teaching in Cyprus. Stay tuned for more of Anastasia's adventures and ever-changing schedule.


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