Anastasia is currently in the midst of writing her own play, called "Lost in Translation"; a story about a couple and their relationship struggles in New York City. An excerpt of her play was performed and picked as a finalist in Team Theatre's FunFastFebFest, a short play festival, in February 2020. 

Anastasia is also working as an Adler Youth Ambassador with Stella Adler Youth, at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting  in New York, under the direction of Melissa Mickens. 

Anastasia has been fortunate enough to have worked with few favorite artists of hers this past year, including Ioanna Katsarou through the Greek Tragedy Workshop at the Greek Cultural Center. Among her favorites are also directors Gwendolyn Snow and Adam Martin, whom personally cast Anastasia in "Almost, Main", "The Play of the Future" and "The Sun Tries Dating", all produced by Team Theatre, the Greek Cultural Center and the Manhattan Repertory respectively. 

She strives to continue her acting work throughout New York and the 5 boroughs while also exploring theater through education. She holds a teaching license in Teaching Theater and hopes to put it to good use in the near future.  

Stay tuned for more of Anastasia's adventures and ever-changing schedule.


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