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Anastasia is a Cypriot Theater Artist; actor, teacher, writer, director, who has finally moved back home, to the beautiful island of Cyprus, after having been gone for 8 years! Anastasia moved to the US after high-school to pursue a degree in Theater and explore her passion in acting. Although Anastasia's time in the USA was truly a dream and the best experience of her life thus far, she is excited to be back and bring a new flavor to Cypriot Theater. She is always looking for opportunities to teach theater and work with others on a new voice, a new story, or rather an old story re-told for today's audience. 

Anastasia’s passion for acting and her love for music was apparent from a young age. She participated in school productions throughout middle and high school as well as piano and signing recitals. She continued her journey and performed in a number of productions in college such as "Poe Pieces"; a devised piece on Edgar Allan Poe's short stories and poems, "The Love of Three Oranges"; based on Carlo Gozzi's Opera, the story of a prince and a princess in a world of commedia dell' arte, and "Dead Man's Cellphone"; Sarah Ruhl's thrilling exploration of modern technology and its exploitation over human communication. 

Although Anastasia always knew she wanted to be an actress, her interest in Theater Education began with her time at St. Olaf College, where she earned a degree in Theater, Education and a license to teach theater for grades K-12. Anastasia's time at St. Olaf has allowed her to explore Theater and Education deeply rooted in the liberal arts. Through constant participation in theatrical productions, she experienced all areas of theater, such as design, acting, directing and producing. 

Experience in paid and unpaid jobs, and specifically her summer job with Exploration Summer Programs; an organization focused on building a supportive learning environment for its students and teaching staff, has equipped Anastasia with a long list of transferable skills such as the ability to delegate, creatively solve problems, innovate and communicate.  

Anastasia is looking forward to exploring all possibilities in the world of theater, both as an actress and as an educator. Beyond that, Anastasia strives to continue her growth as a human and as an artist through theater. She feels most passionate about theater as a means to empower student voice and story.  

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